Latin American Rhetoric Association

Welcome to the website of the Latin American Rhetoric Association (ALR, in Spanish), which was established in March 2010 on the occasion of the first "Jornadas Latinoamericanas de Investigación en Estudios Retóricos" held at the Law School(Facultad de Derecho) of the University of Buenos Aires, Argentine.

The objective of the ALR is to promote the study of rhetoric and of its traditions in Latin America, particularly in Romanic (Spanish, Portuguese) and Amerindian languages. ALR is the umbrella organisation for the Continent's rhetoric associations and learned societies, programme and groups engaged in rhetoric studies, as well as individual scholars throughout Latin America.

The Journal of Latin American Rhetoric

The Journal of Latin American Rhetoric is the official bi-annual publication of the Latin American Rhetoric Association. The aim of this on-line publication is to disseminate scholarly work produced in Latin America pertaining to rhetoric studies.

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